Imagine Xhibits – At a Glance

Imagine Xhibits, Inc., provides solutions for exhibitors including: graphic and exhibit design, project management, rental exhibits of all sizes, educational seminars, international I&D network and asset management of exhibits.

The Imagine Xhibits team is driven by a strong customer service philosophy that balances profitability and growth while maintaining a strong client base with repeat business.

Imagine’s impressive client list includes: Texas Instruments, Southwest Airlines, Brinks and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Imagine is located in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, TX and has a beautiful 20,000 sq foot office/showroom/warehouse.  On-site services for design, logistics, storage and client preview are all available.

What is Four-Point Marketing?

Imagine Xhibits has developed a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, Four-Point Marketing Strategy to use to coach and guide clients who want to maximize trade show participation. Imagine can customize the program to tailor-fit the requirements of each client as well as assist them to implement each important step.

The goal is to increase trade show exhibition Return on Investment by planning and reinforcing goals.  Imagine uses national research to determine the most effective ways to increase memorability and performance.  Using the Four-Point Strategy, Imagine serves as a hands-on consultant, guiding clients to success rather than just selling exhibits.

The Four Steps to Success


  • Selecting Shows – assist client to find target audience, research & web engines available
  • Budgeting – provide national averages and state union charges for creating annual tradeshow budget
  • Exhibiting Design – provide both graphic and structural design services
  • Pre-Show Mailers – turn-key printing available using same graphic to increase memorability
  • Exhibit Staff Training – monthly staff training on-site and can offer off-site staff training as well


Provide turn-key services and solutions for clients on ways to gain a greater presence at the events.

  • In City Marketing
  • Press Conferences
  • Sponsorships
  • Networking Events
  • Hosting Reception for Clients

On the Show Floor:

  • Demos – assist in client meeting this goal by helping them tailor to tradeshow and provide ergonomic engineering to make the booth more effective.
  • Branding
  • Literature – Buck Slips
  • 5 Second Message
  • In booth survey
  • In booth promotions
  • Gathering Leads
  • Qualifying Leads

Post Show Follow-up:

  • This step is crucial to closing sales and to measure effectiveness. This step will justify the event or help eliminate un-worthy events.

    • After Show Surveys
    • Post Show Mailers
    • Web Surveys
  • Implementing 3 levels of follow-up based on need:
  • Closed Loop System of Communication
  • Close Sales
  • Calculate ROI
  • Evaluate Show and Staff Performance


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