Tech Tools for Events and Trade Shows

My favorite tech tools include:

Event Management Software. This tool allows you to:

  • Manage Inventory Real Time
  • Manage Group Travel
  • Lead Retrieval & Management
  • Data base Integration
  • Management Reports
  • ROI analysis
  • Password Multi User with defined access level
  • Task Management
  • Calendar w show schedule
  • Freight Management
  • All show Services schedule


Must Have- tablet/ smart phone.  This will be most used tool.  Today apps make this multifunctional.

  • Scan badges and Business Cards
  • Remote control for all electronics
  • Site Inspection-write notes incorporated with photos
  • Email
  • Remote office - your ofice phone and fax travels with you
  • Upload Photos from event
  • Social Media

Cloud Storage (Free)- Store and share documents.  Large Format Graphics saved allow for emergency printing.

Apps- (email me,  for list)



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