Spectrum Investigations - Case Study

Spectrum Investigations was a newly formed insurance claim investigative firm.  Competitors were billion dollar companies offering fierce competition.  Spectrum needed the tools to compete.

The Challenge

  • No corporate identity
  • Limited budget
  • Large competitors
  • Simple set-up
  • High-impact

The Solution

  • Created corporate identity
  • Stock image for corporate graphic
  • Professional collateral
  • Simple set-up with a pop-up exhibit
  • High-impact graphics created with
    memorable promotional items

The Booth

Pre-Show Two Tier Promotion

Tube – 50 Prospective Clients who are Executives and represent over $500k in potential services

When the box opened- A light activate voice box played a recording of the “mission impossible” theme with an  English voice Explaining their mission to rendezvous at show and receive the actual pen.

This was a mailer that included investigative specs to see the fraudulent claims and “pay only the claims you owe”.  The offer was a WII

Corporate ID