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TS Tech Summit event tech conference for corporate trade show & event mgrs

Date: 04/20/2017

The future of events & trade shows is unveiled by the industry leaders gathered under one roof. Imagine being able to manage your events from anywhere in the world at the touch of a finger. This is a reality today & these solutions will be made available at this event. Hear national speakers, attend educational seminars and see the most innovative solutions at the TSTS Trade Show. Included are industry networking sessions with your peers and industry professionals.


TSTS Road Tour 2015-2016 Includes Destinations Like:



Mexico: Unlimited Luxury at the Newest Secrets Resort   August 31- September 2, 2015      See the newest tech tools for the industry and learn how to host your next event in Mexico.  Meet and Learn with Event Tech Innovators 

Las Vegas, Nevada February 28- March 1, 2015 See the newest event tech and venues as they are unveiled by tech innovators.

Orlando, Florida August 3-5, 2015 The Disney Institute will host a behind the scenes tour to Disney World and show you how to add the Magic Touch to your next meeting.  A trade show, Hands on Training and conference will reveal the newest tools for trade shows and events and allow you to get hands on technology trainging from Event Tech Innovators. 

Italy: 2016 TBD See the newest tech tools for the industry and learn International Protocol for hosting International events.

Irving, Texas: 2016 TBD See the Newest Convention Hotel, Music Amphitheater opening early 2016 and the largest tech trade show for industry planners and trade show managers

Phoenix, Arizona: 2016 TBD Hosted by 2 of largest Industry Meeting Planner Associations; network with hundreds of peers and learn hands on while exploring  Arizona's  famous Venues.

Las Vegas, Nevada: February 25- 28, 2015 The worlds leading destination for events and trade shows- learn about event technology and tour the new event venues in Vegas.

Planning for events for upcoming years is in progress. Please contact us for more information. or (877) 818-6042

 The Reason for the Event:

The BEST companies need the BEST tools. Such tools will be used for producing events, trade shows, pre-show promotions, calculating budgets, measuring ROI, engaging attendees; and in general, putting them in the technology driver's seat. Learn to incorporate technology in your events including: RFID, Mobile aps, Virtual Trade Shows, Social Media, On-line Asset Management, Event Management Software, Interactive Media, Live Stream Video. Options will be available to run these from you mobile phone, ipad or computer.

 What to Expect:  

Three Primary Goals
1)      Education: Speakers, Work Shops and Hands on learning
2)      Technology Solutions: National leading technology specifically designed for trade shows and events will be introduced to you.  Live workshops & demos are available to learn the tools
3)      Networking:  Informal Networking before and after the event for meeting of your peers.  Local industry associations including: MPI, IAEE, NACE, ISIS, IAVM, AMA.PCMA, etc. are invited to participate
4)  Site Inspections: Tour event venues and meet destination vendors to gather information needed to host your corporate event.


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