HIT Entertainment

Hit Entertainment produces and distributes children’s television programs, including Barney, Bob The Builder, and The Wiggles. In the many years of participation in the Licensing show, HIT built a corporate branded booth without a theme.  The custom exhibit was built on site and because of the excessive weight was extremely costly.

The Challenge

  • Limited budget
  • Custom themed exhibit to be used for one event
  • Rental hardware

The Solution

TSM and HIT Entertainment designers worked together to bring The Rubbadubbers bathroom environment to life. The 50x70 exhibit was created with unique shower curtain conference rooms, larger-than-life toothbrushes, and a bathtub prop for photo-ops.

  • PS 3000 panels created a wavy parameter
  • Rented tube structure for shower/conference room
  • Custom elements
  • Largest fabric structure ever hung at Javitz!
  • Light-weight components saved $42k in drayage

The Exhibit